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Fic: Free To Be 'Us' - chapter 5

Author: emeralds75
Something goes wrong during a hunt and Sam gets cursed by a witch and turned into a girl. Sam has to go through a number of things from having his period to dealing with his new virgin status. Trouble is Sam makes a really hot chick and everyone seems to notice…including Dean!
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Genderswap
Genres: first time, humor, romance
Fic Index here: http://emeralds75.livejournal.com/12264.html

Chapter 5

Several days had gone by since the incident at the restaurant. Sam was more self-conscious than ever and Dean felt like shit for being the one who had caused it. Sam was already having a hard time dealing with his new gender and here he was making it all worse. He still couldn’t believe his stupid outburst and wished he’d kept his mouth shut for once.

At least, checking out of the motel and renting a small apartment had turned out to be a good idea. The place was kind of crappy and there was only one bedroom, but there was a kitchen and a living room and having some extra space felt good. Besides, having a kitchen at their disposal meant that they could cook themselves and save some money.

Ever since they’d rented the apartment, Sam had spent most of the time indoors, searching in frenzy for some way to change back. He didn’t actually refuse to go out to get food or whatever they needed, but the memory of what had happened at the restaurant was still fresh in his mind and now on the rare occasions when Dean managed to drag his ass outside, he wore the largest clothes he could find, clearly in an attempt to hide his female body. It didn’t go unnoticed to Dean but he didn’t say a word about it. He was just glad Sam was at least leaving the apartment without complaining…too much.

As usual, Sam was busy researching. He’d been on his laptop for way too long and found nothing, and he was frustrated. His eyes hurt and his back was killing him too, so he decided to grab one of the old books he’d gotten from Bobby a couple of weeks ago and see if he could find something there. Who knew? Maybe he’d missed something.

He was about to place the book on the table and do some reading but thought it better to lie down on the bed and give his back a needed rest instead. So, he threw the book on his bed and lay down there, fully focused on the yellowish pages of the thick book before him.

Dean was lying on his own bed trying to catch some badly needed sleep but failing miserably, and Sam lying there on his stomach, propped up on his shoulders wasn’t helping…at all. Dean tried to look away, get his mind off Sam, think of something else, but it proved to be impossible.

Despite himself, he was soon staring at the curvy brunette lying on the other bed. He had a perfect view of Sam’s profile and was enjoying very much what he was seeing. Sam was wearing jeans and a top which weren’t tight –though Dean would love to see Sammy in tight clothes now!– but fitted her curves beautifully and softly caressed her shapely body.

Dean noticed that Sam was too focused on whatever he was reading and knew that he could indulge a little bit on the gorgeous view he had before him without getting caught. So, he smirked and decided he’d take his chances and look at Sam nice and slow.

He started from the head and went all the way down from there. He wanted to see everything, all of Sam’s new shapes and curves, but Sam’s long dark mane covered most of her new body so there was no way he could get what he wanted. And then, good luck struck as Sam brushed her insanely long hair to one side revealing her female figure to him.

Sam’s face was different and yet it was pretty much the same –Dean knew that already– except that the lips were fuller and the features softer and more delicate. He noticed that it was the exact same nose and eyes, with longer lashes but the same deep brown color.

Dean shifted his eyes down slowly, inch by inch, until they reached the curve of Sam’s breasts. Sam was propped on her elbows and her breasts were resting on the bed, round firm flesh that Dean remembered perfectly well from the time when he’d helped his brother at the dressing room. Dean closed his eyes for a second and remembered the shape and look of those pearly mounds, almost feeling their weight in his hands and feeling their softness with his lips.

He opened his eyes instantly, knowing that if he allowed his fantasy to go on, he’d be sporting a hard-on in no time. So, he opened his eyes and went on staring at Sam –not that it’d help much either– but it was something he’d been longing to do for a while now, and it wasn’t easy to find Sam with his guard down, therefore he was not going to let this chance go to waste. Besides, it wasn’t as if he was actually staring at his brother. He was having the time of his life checking out a hot chick, and it was only natural that he’d end up doing this given that he hadn’t had any since Sam’s unfortunate transformation. He didn’t want to admit it but he didn’t want to leave Sam alone, not in his current condition, what if something happened to his bro while he was out doing some random brod? He’d never be able to go on living after that. And that meant that he hadn’t hit on anybody for quite a while and his urges were growing stronger by the minute.

So, after thinking it over and over and over again, he’d come to the conclusion that if he was stuck having no sex for God knew how long while sharing a room with a hot woman, then, he guessed it was totally fair to let his imagination wander off a little bit.

Dean’s eyes shifted to Sam’s back and the soft curve it described. He followed it and let it guide him to the round firm globes at the end of her back. Man, he loved the way those jeans cupped her butt and licked his lips wondering how it’d feel to knead those perky cheeks.

He noticed his breath was growing heavy so he stopped staring at Sam’s most interesting parts and focused on her hair instead. It was the same color, and just as wavy, but it was glossier and ridiculously long, and he wondered if it felt as silky as it looked. He imagined himself running his fingers through that messy mane, placing himself between those legs, pressing his body down onto Sam’s and exploring every inch of it with his expert hands and mouth.

Dean quickly realized it was becoming too much for him to bear. Sam had no clue that he’d been staring, but he was growing impossibly horny and given the twitch he was beginning to feel in his pants, he’d give himself away if Sam saw him so he stood up and headed towards the bathroom to try and calm down…and stop thinking about Sam.

Several minutes later, Dean came out of the bathroom looking suspiciously flushed, which Sam noticed, and soon made him wonder what was up with the blonde. He was way too quiet and seemed awkwardly…spent? Dean didn’t say a word, though, he simply lay down on his bed and closed his eyes before letting go of a sigh.

Sam was bored with his reading. The book had gotten him nowhere so far and he was growing increasingly frustrated. He let go of a sigh as well and rested his head on top of the book he’d just closed. He felt his body and his head beginning to relax and let his mind wander off for a while trying to forget about the curse and all his problems.

He looked around the room he was currently sharing with his brother and soon found his eyes resting on Dean’s still figure. Sam fixed his eyes on him and let them examine him closely and carefully: the strong jaw, the pouty lips, the broad shoulders, the taut muscle that he knew was hidden under layers of clothes.

Okay, he knew that he had a hot brother. All the women they came across made that very clear, hell, Dean himself pointed it out whenever he had the chance, the vain bastard, but Sam had never realized how beautiful he actually was. His beauty was such that it was breath-taking, almost out of this world.

Sam was at a loss for words, he couldn’t think of a word that properly described what he was seeing and then he realized that Dean was simply…perfect, it almost hurt to look at him. Sam then noticed that his brother looked like one of those magnificent marble statues of Greek gods and champions you could see in museums. And yet, at the same time, despite all of his beauty, Dean was so…manly.

He was brave and strong and protective. All of him screamed those qualities to whoever happened to be paying attention. Sam focused on his hands for a while, the very same hands that had tended to his wounds and given him comfort so many times in the past, and wished those hands were all over him.

Sam suddenly found himself thinking about joining Dean in his bed. His new female body spread over his brother’s: Dean’s strong arms wrapped around her and his expert hands roaming her body while she connected all those adorable freckles on Dean’s face with her lips.

Sam felt his heart beating faster and a warm feeling pooling in his stomach. It was strange, it felt different, but he knew exactly what it was: lust. He was lusting after his own brother for God’s sake! He was growing aroused by looking and thinking about his brother in ways that he shouldn’t and then it hit him, he’d just thought of himself in Dean’s arms, as if they were lovers, and he’d thought of himself as a woman.

Sam held his breath in disbelief and refused to fully acknowledge what had just happened. He was not thinking about his brother that way. It was impossible. It just couldn’t be. It must have been a side effect of the curse. Yes, that was exactly what it was. It was all because of the stupid stupid curse. Besides, why else would he ever think of himself as a woman, right?

Sam let go of the breath he’d been holding once he concluded the curse had been the cause of his inappropriate thoughts and feelings and was somewhat relieved. Deep down he knew he was fooling himself, there was something else going on, it was crystal clear, but he wasn’t willing to admit it, at least not just yet.

Several days had gone by, and Sam hadn’t felt attracted to his brother anymore –oh, God, that sounded so wrong! He’d successfully convinced himself that it had just been a side effect of the curse and nothing else.

Besides, Dean seemed to be adjusting pretty well, too. He was doing his best at keeping his caveman-like don’t-you-dare-ogle-my-sister attitude on check and he’d stopped acting as if Sam was a frail thing. As a matter of fact, Dean was beginning to treat him in sort of a more normal way and Sam felt glad for it.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to find anything regarding the curse and Sam was still stuck in his female body…and he just hated it. Of course, Dean didn’t fail to see it. Contrary to popular opinion, he wasn’t stupid, and he thought it’d be best for Sam to keep his mind off the whole gender swap thing. So, one morning, he dragged Sam out of the apartment and drove off to the most isolated area he could find.

“What are we doing here, Dean?”

“It’s been weeks since we last had a case. Gotta do some practice or we’ll get rusty,” Dean answered casually.

“Are you serious?”

“Sure I am. Come on, Sam, get out of the car and help me out.”

Sam was looking at his brother in disbelief. Dean couldn’t possibly be suggesting that he, in this girl’s body, ran drills with him. But then with Dean you never knew! So, he got out of the car and helped his brother set up some targets on a couple of trees.

Dean realized Sam wasn’t pleased with the situation…at all. He was clearly nervous and uncomfortable as hell, but he wasn’t complaining out loud and that was a good thing as that allowed Dean to move on with his plan.

“Okay, I think we’re all set. Now why don’t you start by throwing a couple of knives, Sammy?”

Dean could feel his brother’s eyes burning through his skull but pretended that everything was just fine and handed him a couple of knives. Sam took them hesitantly and stared at them for a while. Then, he took a deep breath, held a knife and steadied himself for his first throw. Surprisingly, he got a bull’s-eye. He felt confidence washing over him. He’d expected to miss by a mile but it seemed that his skills had remained intact. So, he grabbed a second knife and threw it and, again, it hit right in the center. He kept going until there were no knives left in his hand and felt glad he was just as sharp as before.

Dean patted him on the back flashing him a wide grin “You’re still good with knives. Let’s see how you manage guns, okay?”

Sam was feeling much better, and a lot more confident, and nodded instantly. Dean studied the guns he’d brought along and decided to go for a pistol since it was clear the shot-gun had too much of a kick for Sam to handle right now.

Sam took the pistol his brother was handing over to him and steadied himself for the first shot. Once again, his first shot went right through the center of the target. He continued shooting adjusting his weight and posture until he was completely comfortable but never missing his target, not even once.

Sam was all smiles and had a gleam of pride and self-satisfaction in his eyes. Dean was glad to see that his brother was feeling better with himself and gaining some of his confidence back and couldn’t help smiling.

“That’s great, Sammy, you’re still a good shot and just as sharp with knives.”

“Yeah, I guess I am!” Sam said grinning.

“…plus you’re just as geeky as usual…but we already knew that!” Dean then added ruffling Sam’s hair.

Sam pushed him away pretending to be mad at him for messing with his hair but it was clear from the look on his face that he was just as glad as Dean. Finally, some of the tension that had been building up for the past few days was slowly fading away and both brothers were extremely grateful for it.

They kept practicing their shot until their stomachs started growling, letting them know it was late in the afternoon, and so they decided to leave. For the first time in a long time, the air in the car didn’t feel heavy, quite the contrary, it was as if a soft breeze had lifted off all the uneasiness they’d both felt lately.

Dean’s favorite tape was playing and he was singing his lungs out. Naturally, Sam couldn’t help rolling his eyes or smiling every time his brother looked at him and winked. It felt good. It felt right.

The drive wasn’t that long and when they got to town, they bought some take-out and headed back to the apartment. Dean would have loved to hang out for a while but guessing Sam was tired, he thought it was probably best to go straight back to the crappy place they were currently staying in. He didn’t say it out loud, though, and pretended he wanted to grab a bite and rest for a while.

They were both eating and joking when Dean’s phone rang and seeing it was Bobby, he answered immediately. He’d hoped Bobby was calling with some solution for Sam’s situation but he was completely wrong. Instead, the old hunter was contacting him because he needed a favor.

Dean spent several minutes on the phone and repeatedly said “can’t someone else take care of it?” He wouldn’t say anything else out loud and Sam guessed it had to do with a case. Finally, Dean said “fine, I’ll see what I can do and call you back” before hanging up and putting his phone away.

Sam had been chewing at his food carefully studying each one of Dean’s words and movements and then asked “So, what’s up?”

“Erm, nothing,” Dean replied dryly.

 “C’mon, Dean, tell me what’s going on…please?”

“Oh, don’t you dare do the puppy thing!”

“C’mon, Dean, please. I know it was Bobby…what’d he say?” Sam asked again pulling his puppy dog eyes and fluttering his lashes.

Dean couldn’t believe how manipulative his little bro was becoming and guessed it must be some sort of girl thing. The little brat was playing him and there was no way he was going to allow any of it. However, he also knew very well that Sam wouldn’t leave it alone until he got answers, and Dean was not in the mood for a bitching Sam so he decided to spill and deal with the situation then and there.

“It’s nothing, just a case.”

“Okay, a case,” Sam said expecting his brother to elaborate on it and when he didn’t, he asked “so, details?”

“Details? You’re not coming, Sam.”

“What do you mean ‘I’m not coming’?”

“Just that…you’re not coming.”

“You gotta be kidding me, Dean! Then why on earth did we go practice today, uh?”

“I told you already it’s because we haven’t worked a case in weeks and I don’t wanna get rusty, Sam, so just drop it!”

“No, it’s not that. It’s ‘coz I’m…I’m…” Sam stuttered unable to form the words “it’s ‘coz I’m not me, right?” He finally managed to say with a pained expression on his face.

Dean let go of a sigh and ran a hand over his face and replied “it’s not that, Sam.”

“Yeah, it is. I get it. Just go, Dean, it’s okay,” his brother added looking defeated.

Sam’s eyes were quickly filling with tears and there was no way he was going to let his brother see him cry like a girl –being stuck in a girl’s body didn’t mean he had become one! So, he squeezed his eyes shut and sat down on the bed, his back facing Dean.

Dean felt his heart sinking. Sam was clearly hurting and it was killing him. Suddenly, he realized he’d rather deal with a freaked out Sam any day –it hurt a lot less. So, he sat down next to his brother and spoke softly “it’s not that, Sammy. It’s just that you have a new…body,” there, he’d said it and then added “you have a new height, weight…you gotta learn your way around it…that’s all,” Dean said while he rubbed soothing circles on Sam’s back.

“Yeah, guess you’re right,” Sam said after a few minutes.

Sam knew his brother had a point. He had a new body –a smaller, weaker body, to be more accurate– and he honestly had no idea how to put this body to use in a fight. He knew for sure his kicks and punches wouldn’t be as effective as before and guessed he wouldn’t be as fast a runner either.

“Hey, at least you’re still a geek! You can help me out research,” Dean said ruffling Sam’s hair affectionately.

“Stop it, Dean!” Sam complained pretending to be annoyed but was given away instantly by his shy grin.

“Okay, sorry!” the eldest brother replied stroking Sam’s head.

“What is it with you and my hair anyways?”

Dean smirked thinking “Oh, Sammy, if only you knew!” but instead he said “nothing much. Just enjoy bugging you, that’s all.”

This time Dean was met by a grinning Sam, who nudged him softly in the ribs, and he felt incredibly grateful for it.

Sam opened his laptop and Dean gave him the details Bobby had given him over the phone. It turned out to be a simple salt and burn and Sam found the grave where the body was buried in no time.

Seeing there was nothing particularly difficult or tricky about it, Dean decided to get rid of the ghost that very same night. He was getting things ready when he saw Sam packing some stuff, too.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Erm…packing my stuff?”

“What for?”

“Coz I’m not gonna need it at the graveyard…I’m not going empty-handed over there.”

“No, no way, Sammy, we’ve been through this already and you’re not coming.”

“Dean! C’mon, man, you said it yourself. It’s a simple salt and burn. Just a helpless little ghost.”

Helpless little ghost?” Dean echoed his brother’s words in disbelief “There’s no such thing and you know it.”

“Okay, fine, but listen, what if you need help? ‘Sides, it’s an easy job.”

“No, you’re staying put.”

“Dean, please, I really need to do this. I can’t stay here doing nothing. It’s driving me insane.”

Dean saw his brother’s serious look and perfectly understood what he meant. Sam had been dealing with a lot lately and being locked up in that tiny apartment while Dean went to take care of the ghost all by himself wasn’t going to do much to help him build his confidence –confidence which he’d slowly begun to gain back.

So, against his better judgment, Dean looked at him in the eye and said “Fine, get your crap. But listen carefully, Sam, you do exactly what I say or I swear I’ll drag your ass back here in no time, understood?”

Sam instantly smiled from ear to ear nodding his head and said “yeah! I promise I’ll do whatever you say!”

“Okay, then, go on get your bag and let’s hit the road.”

Dean turned around and headed to the door hiding his smile from Sam. After all, he didn’t want his little bro to think that he could get his way whenever he wanted.

The drive to the graveyard didn’t take long. It was right outside of town, away from everybody’s prying eyes, which was pretty convenient considering their line of work. Dean parked the car behind some trees and got their bags out of the trunk.

Of course, this time, he was the one in charge of digging up the grave. There was no way he was going to ask Sam to do it now. Funny, he never thought of himself as a gentleman, but it turned out that he was sort of turning into one? Man, he couldn’t wait to find the cure to this freaking curse so that everything could go back to normal.

The one good thing about digging was that he didn’t have to watch what he did or say around Sam, and it was quite a relief. It was already bad enough to have to keep it together so that Sam didn’t freak out even more, but now that he was with this really hot chick instead of his brother and he couldn’t make a move –no matter how bad he wanted her– well, it was beginning to wear him out.

Fortunately, he could now focus on digging the grave, burning the remains, and getting rid of the ghost for good. He didn’t have to think of anything else…at least for a couple of hours. And God knew how much he needed a break.

Sam was standing next to the grave holding the pistol loaded with rock salt making sure the ghost wasn’t around. They both knew the dead man would show up as soon as he sensed someone was messing with his bones –they always did. So, Sam kept his eyes opened trying to catch the slightest sign of danger.

Dean got to the coffin pretty soon and forced the lid open. As usual, a putrid smell came out of it and he felt like emptying the contents of his stomach, but he jumped out of the hole instead and looked for the gas and his lighter.

He was busy grabbing the bottle with the gas from his duffel when he heard Sam shouting “Down, Dean!”

He looked up and saw his brother aiming at him and knew exactly what was going on. The angry ghost had showed up and was probably standing right behind him, ready to punch him or send him flying against a tombstone –yeah that seemed to be a favorite of most fuglies!

Dean dropped down almost instantly and Sam shot the ghost twice making it disappear.

“Where did it go?”

“I don’t know. I don’t see it anywhere. Just hurry and burn his corpse before it shows up again!”

Sam expected his older brother to throw the gas inside the grave and burn the body but he saw him rushing towards him instead. And before he knew it, he had landed on his back and Dean had been sent flying ten feet away. Sam immediately realized what had happened: the ghost had appeared behind him, and Dean, as protective as he was, had gotten in the way and had the crap beaten out of him.

Sam tried to shoot the ghost again but now that the man knew they were after him, he was being more careful and appearing and disappearing almost instantly, making it impossible for Sam to make a clean shot –and he wouldn’t risk shooting Dean with rock salt…not again.

So, Sam jumped over the open grave, got hold of the gas and threw it inside alongside with the lit lighter setting the whole thing on fire. The ghost screamed and shrieked before turning into a burning mass and disappearing into thin air, this time for good.

With the ghost gone, Sam rushed towards the spot where his brother lay unconscious.

“Dean! Dean! Wake up!” Sam practically screamed seeing his brother’s bleeding head.

Sam’s heart rate was speeding by the minute and his chest was already heaving with his heavy breath. The sight of his brother lying down on the ground, not responding, was scaring the hell out of him. He slapped his face a couple of times and when that didn’t work, he started shaking him violently and after a couple of minutes, Dean finally opened his eyes.

“What? What happened?” he asked confused.

Dean tried to move in order to stand up but felt the world spinning and let his head rest on the ground.

“Ouch, my head’s killing me!” he protested rubbing his forehead.

Sam didn’t realize he was still shaking his brother until he heard him yell “Hey! Quit shaking me, Sam! My head hurts!”

The brunette then threw his arms around his brother and held him tightly. Dean wasn’t feeling at his best –actually, he felt like hell. But for some reason, the mere fact of having Sam so close to him, trapping him in a tight embrace, made all the pain go away.

Dean closed his eyes and felt Sam’s soft hair on his cheek, and his breasts firmly pressed against his chest. And then there was that sweet scent coming from Sam. He didn’t know what it was –soap maybe?– but it was doing all sorts of things to him and he realized that if they stayed in that position: him lying on the ground and girlSam on top of him, pressing her curvy perky body against his, he was going to give himself away.

So, he put his hands on Sam’s waist and gently lifted him off saying “Hey, Sam, please, man, I wanna stand up.”

“Yeah, you’re right, sorry!” Sam said almost blushing.

Sam didn’t know why he’d reacted like that. Okay, the ghost had beaten the crap out of Dean, and it’d taken him a little while to wake up, but that was nothing new to them. They’d been in far worse shape and he’d never reacted –or felt– in such a way. He still wasn’t sure what he was feeling, but it felt like an overwhelming need to take care of his brother, to make it all better, to make sure he was fine. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about Dean. He loved him deeply. He’d do pretty much anything for his brother. But his feelings had never been this strong, this…intense.

It was definitely weird.

Anyway, that wasn’t the time to do a dissection of his feelings so he decided to leave that for later and concentrate on helping Dean stand up instead. He carefully let go of his brother and stood up, immediately offering his hands to help his brother keep his balance as he stood up.

“Are you dizzy? How’re you feeling?” Sam asked his voice full of concern.

“Am fine, Sammy. Just need a drink,” Dean answered rubbing the back of his neck soothingly.

It took him a few minutes to regain his focus and when he did, he saw Sam standing before him: long dark hair flowing in the night wind, pearly skin glistening under the moonlight, slim strong limbs hidden under jeans and plaid…all that framed by the golden flames coming from the grave.

Dean kept staring at Sam, standing steadily with his back to the fire, pistol in hand and a serious look on his face, and realized that he –well, she actually– would make a hell of an Amazon: the hair, the posture, the looks…man, how on earth was he going to keep his urges on check with a vision like that?

He brushed off those thoughts immediately –they weren’t doing him any good!– and he pretended everything was alright.

“Are you sure you’re fine, Dean? I mean, you were out of it,” Sam insisted one more time.

“I’m fine, Sam, seriously. I just need to get some rest. Let’s head back to the apartment, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

They packed everything and put the bags in the trunk. Sam was walking towards the passenger’s door when Dean threw him the keys saying “you’re driving, Sam.”

Sam looked at him wide-eyed. Okay, something was definitely wrong with his brother. He never let anyone, absolutely anyone –and that included him– drive his baby.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? I’m just tired and my head hurts. I’m not in the mood for driving that’s all.”

“Dean, you don’t let anyone drive her.”

“C’mon, Sam, let’s just get in the car and hit the road. ‘Sides, you need to get used to driving in your new…well, you know what I mean. What if something happens and you gotta drive? Better to see how you do now that I’m fine and not bleeding to death, right?”

Okay, Dean had a point. Now that he had a new body everything was different. Hell, at first he had even had to be extra careful when walking with his new height and shorter stride and all. So, yeah, finding out which adjustments he had to make in order to drive made perfect sense. Besides, it was much better to find out now and not when they were in trouble running away from the authorities or seriously injured.

Dean knew what Sam was doing: as usual, his little brother was quickly analyzing the implications of every single word he’d said. He always wondered how Sam’s brain didn’t blow up with all that thinking and then he guessed it probably was like a small computer calculating a thousand things at once and that if you turned it off, you probably wouldn’t be able to turn it back on again. Anyway, the good thing was that he knew how his brother’s mind worked –after all, he’d practically raised the kid– and that always came in handy.

Finally, Sam said “fine, I’m driving then.”

They both got in the car and Dean felt incredible thankful he didn’t have to sit behind the wheel. He actually wasn’t in such a bad shape. Hell, he’d felt far worse. What he needed was to close his eyes and get Sam out of his head. He needed to get under control fast or his body would start showing signs of what he was thinking and feeling. So, he sat down on the passenger’s seat, took a deep breath, closed his eyes pretending to be resting, and mentally started listing healing herbs, reciting protection spells, and anything that could help him brush off Sam’s Amazon-like image and all of the things he would love to do to her.

Thankfully, it worked. By the time they got to the apartment, he’d managed to push that image and those ideas to the bottom of his mind and he felt secretly proud for it. Who knew that having Sam turned into a hot chick would teach him some self-control…well, come to think about it, it was only natural!

They parked right outside the apartment and quickly stepped inside. Dean’s head still hurt so he went straight to the bathroom to get some aspirin. Sam took the duffels to the bedroom and made sure the place was safe: salt lines in place and all the usual stuff. When he was done, he asked “hey, Dean, want something to eat?”

“No, thanks, just gonna have a shower and go to bed.”

Dean took his shower first and Sam didn’t protest. In the past, there was always the usual fight to see who’d shower first, and Dean usually beat him, meaning lots of cold showers for Sam. But ever since Sam had turned, Dean only showered after Sam did. It was weird to see Dean acting more civil, more gentlemanly, around him –not that he wasn’t complaining…at all!

Dean came out of the bathroom a few minutes later wearing his tee and shorts, ready for bed, and Sam grabbed some of his stuff and disappeared inside the bathroom.

Dean wasn’t in the mood for bed, though, so he sat down on the ratty couch and surfed through the channels. Of course, there was nothing good on and he ended up watching some old stupid soap. The plot was beyond believable, but the actresses were hot, and so were some of the scenes, so he decided to settle for it.

He heard Sam turning the tap off and taking for ever to come out of the bathroom. Another girl thing he guessed: ever since he’d been turned, he took forever in the bathroom. He couldn’t understand why, after all, he was way smaller now meaning he had a lot less to wash. But apparently, that didn’t seem to matter.

About half an hour later, Sam showed up in the living room wearing one of his former, now gigantic, shirts and combing his hair. Dean saw the comb running through Sam’s hair, from the roots to the tips, and couldn’t help wishing it was his fingers instead. It was mesmerizing to see Sam untangle his hair. It was almost a ritual: the comb starting up from the top of the head and slowly going all the way down those beautiful waves till reaching its tips, only to start all over again.

“Man, I think I’m gonna cut my hair short.”

“No!” Dean practically screamed before he knew it.

“Why not?” Sam asked curiously and somewhat confused.

Of course, Dean couldn’t say what he was thinking, which pretty much ran along the lines of “because I’d love to run my fingers through it and hold onto it real hard while I bury myself in you to the tilt, that’s why, Sammy.” Yeah, probably not a very good idea so he shifted his eyes from Sam back to the TV screen instead.

“I’m serious. This takes like forever and I’m growing sick and tired of it! I don’t know how women put up with it.”

“C’mon, Sam, it’s not that bad.”

“Please, Dean, you keep your hair so short you practically shave your head off, you’ve no idea how tricky it is to keep your hair neat and tidy when it’s this long…not to mention all the work it takes!” he protested, holding one of his long tresses and showing it to his brother to make his point.

Dean couldn’t help chuckling at that comment. Seriously, hearing Sam saying it was hard to keep “his hair neat and tidy” was pretty hilarious.

“That’s it. I’m getting it cut real short in the morning.”

“Sam, drop it. Haircuts are expensive. We don’t have that sort of money right now.”

“Then, I’ll do it myself!”

“Really? Sam you’ve no idea how to get it done, and neither do I. You’ll make a mess of yourself and then we’ll end up spending even more money to have it fixed…so, just leave it the way it is.”

“It’s my hair, Dean!”

Dean couldn’t give credit to what he was hearing. He was arguing with his brother about…hair! Man, when had it all come down to this?

“You’ve no idea how much work it takes. ‘Sides, it’s not practical when hunting…at all!”

“You could put it up, you know, the way girls do.”

At this point, Sam’s mouth was a thin line and his eyes were almost glowing in anger. Sweet little Sammy was pissed off. Dean knew what that meant and he wasn’t willing to put up with a bitching Sam all night. So, he got up from the couch, approached him and took the comb from his hand.

“C’mon, Sammy, if it’s too much work then I’ll help you with it,” he said standing behind his brother and running the comb through the wet hair.

“Dean, what are you…?” Sam began saying but was cut short by Dean, who quickly cooed him “Shh, just let me take care of it, okay?”

Sam stood still and let his older brother help him get his messy mane under control. He didn’t know why but having Dean slowly and carefully running the comb through his hair was unbelievably comforting and soothing. His bad mood was gone almost instantly and he was soon feeling calm and completely relaxed.

Dean was having the time of his life touching, caressing and exploring that long dark mane. He’d wanted to do it pretty much like forever and now that he was actually doing it, it felt even better than he’d imagined. It was even softer than he’d thought and could easily picture himself wrapped up in that seductive chocolate sea.

Having his hands all over it was completely amazing, and he truly wished he could bury his nose in those waves and indulge in their scent, but that would probably make Sam suspicious. So, he settled with letting his hands play with the glossy strands of hair before him.

When he was done, he handed the comb back to Sam and said “See? Not so bad, right?”

“Yeah, sorry, I guess I made too big a deal of it.”

“That’s okay, Sam. Besides, your hair looks good, you know.”

Dean couldn’t believe he’d actually uttered those words. He hadn’t meant to. They were meant to be said in his head, not out loud. But Sam didn’t seem to understand the true meaning behind it and supposed it was his brother doing his best at trying to make him feel better.

Sam simply smiled and said “right, thanks,” before putting the comb away and adding “I’m going to bed. Please turn that down,” pointing at the TV.

“Yeah, no problem,” Dean replied casually.

Sam disappeared into the bedroom right after that, and Dean let himself fall on the couch. It’d been close, so close. He’d almost given himself away and wanted to kick himself for being so careless. Besides, what would Sam say if he ever found out the kinds of thoughts and feelings he was harboring for him now? He’d surely call him a sick bastard and run away to never come back.

Dean had already been without Sam those years he’d spent at Stanford and he suspected, no, he knew, that he wouldn’t be able to go through that again. He’d never told anyone but the first time had hurt too much, and he was sure that a second one would pretty much kill him.

No, Sam would never find out. He’d make sure of that. He just had to be more careful, that was all. He had to deal with this whole thing the way he dealt with the things they hunted. Yeah, that was what he had to do. He could do it, right? He was a good hunter and when he put his mind to it, nothing could stop him.

Besides, Sam couldn’t be on his own now. Not that he was helpless or stupid, but he wasn’t really himself. Dean had seen the way men looked at Sam and he couldn’t even think about what could happen to him if he was on his own. And he wasn’t going to allow any of it. No way. It was his job to keep his little brother safe. It had always been his job and it would always be…no matter what.

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Author: emeralds75
Summary: Dean was Alistair's most beloved student for a reason. Fic on what Dean did in Hell and the consequences he has to deal with after he's pulled out...and the fact that his brother starts looking at him -and touching him!- in ways he shouldn't. First half of the story is set in Hell and there's DW/OFC. Eventually DW/SW -when DW's alive and kicking- and Evil!SW towards the end.
Sorry! I know I suck at summaries! If you want, you can suggest a better one as the story progresses!
A/N: My muse's been pretty creative and this is going to be a really 'really' long story -meaning lots and lots of chapters.
Rated: NC-17
Setting: Season Four
Characters: Dean, Sam, Alistair, Ruby, Bobby Singer, Castiel, OFC, OMCs
Genres: Angst, Torture, Horror, Hurt & Comfort, Romance
Warnings: BDSM, Rape/Non-con, Dub-con, Threesome, Torture, Language, Violence
Disclaimer: Don’t own them…just writing for fun!

A/N: Hi, guys! Since my fic is going to be pretty long, I thought it’d be a good idea to have an index. I’ll be updating it regularly and you’ll find a short summary of each chapter there –in case you’re not interested in reading the whole thing. Enjoy!

Index here: http://emeralds75.livejournal.com/3985.html

Chapter 24:  Tough Love

Audrey was feeling more and more comfortable at Bobby’s place, more at home, so to speak. She’d started cooking for the three men and taking care of the house arguing there was nothing else for her to do and that it helped her keep her mind of unpleasant things, i.e. Ian. So, she started taking care of the house, acting all homely, and the hunters didn’t fail to see it.

Bobby wouldn’t admit it but he secretly loved it. It was like having some kind of daughter-in-law. He was the brothers’ surrogate father after all. None of them had ever said it out loud but it’d become evident through the years, and now his eldest son, his favorite son actually, was in love, for the first time ever, and had a baby on the way. A grandchild. Bobby couldn’t stop thinking about it and feeling his heart filling with joy. He did his best to hide it, naturally, but the smile plastered on his face pretty much 24/7 gave him away.

Sam wasn’t stupid and it took him under a second to figure it all out. He didn’t blame Bobby for considering the prospect of having a family. He even understood him and was secretly hopeful as well. He himself started daydreaming about what it could be like: they might succeed in stopping the apocalypse and finally have some sort of a normal life, a family. Dean and Audrey would find some nice house and settle down, nothing fancy, just some place comfortable for them and baby, but definitely cozy and close to Bobby’s. Dean then would get a job as a mechanic or something and Audrey might go back to work or stay home and take care of the baby. And he’d most probably go back to college and get his degree.

Sam pictured them all at Christmas by a big tree and a fireplace, Bobby playing with a toddler the way grandparents usually do while Audrey finished setting the table, his brother helping her out, eyes filled with love, while he made himself comfortable in the couch, still somewhat tired after the long drive from university.

It was almost perfect, certainly a lot more than Sam had ever hoped for. True, Jess wasn’t around and he’d never forget her, but he’d work hard, move on, and perhaps meet someone who made him happy…just as happy as Audrey made Dean.

And as regards hunting, well, they could still go on some hunts on weekends, but they’d sort retire, yeah, no way they’d be hunting 24/7. They’d advise and help out other hunters instead. But no way they’d go on risking their lives, no freaking way. After all, they’d done their share, they’d sacrificed enough already, lost people they loved. Yes, they’d definitely retire. They deserved it!

The whole thing seemed perfect to Sam. He was damn sure Bobby and Dean would find the idea more than appealing and he bet Audrey might be enthusiastic as well.

After all the weeks that had gone by, all the time Sam and her had spent together, all the talks they’d had, Sam had realized she’d always felt completely alone. She’d never put it bluntly, though, she was quite reserved and not particularly willing to share when it came to her life.

However, after all their conversations, Sam had managed to put the pieces together and realized that, deep down, she’d always craved for love, for a family. At least he and Dean had always had each other, but Audrey had no one, never had apparently, and Sam felt deeply sorry for her. Maybe that was why she’d been kind of a loner so far but now that she and Dean had a shot at happiness, actually now that they all did, he’d make damn sure it came true.

Sam was lost in his own musings, daydreaming, when he heard Audrey calling them to dinner. His stomach growled loudly reminding him it was late so he closed the book resting on his lap, which he’d completely ignored for the past half hour, and headed straight to the kitchen.

He was the first to show up and explained to her that Dean wouldn’t be joining them any time soon because he was out in the yard busy. Sam had seen Dean earlier that day working on the Impala, or rather pretending to be working. Sam was no fool and instantly knew what his brother was doing: avoiding her.

“Yeah, probably busy with a bottle of JB,” was all she said, who’d noticed long ago that seemed to be the blonde’s coping mechanism.

On hearing her words, Sam felt his blood boiling and anger building to whole new levels.

“Don’t say that!” he yelled furiously, “Dean’s having a hard time…It’s how he deals! Maybe it’s not the best way, but he’s hurting!”

The second those words left his mouth, Sam wondered where the heck all that rage had come from and regretted his outburst, but it was too late, Audrey was staring at him wide-eyed, completely frozen.

“Sorry. You’re right, that was…way out of line,” she finally uttered once the initial shock was over.

She looked away, refusing to make eye-contact with him, but still he couldn’t help noticing she seemed concerned and hurting too.

“Anyway,” she added, “dinner’s in the oven…Come and eat when you like,” she then explained on her way out of the kitchen.

“Wait! You’re not eating?”

She stopped on her feet but didn’t turn, evidently unable to face him.

“No. Not really hungry,” was all she said before quickly heading towards her room.

Sam being Sam didn’t stay put and followed her stealthily. He waited till she went through the door and then peeked inside. She was sitting on the bed, her back facing the door, head down, and hands covering her face. The young Winchester studied her closely and soon concluded she was crying silently. He froze. It was obvious that she was just as miserable as Dean, and Sam felt the need to walk to her and comfort her, tell her that there were people who cared for her, that she wasn’t alone anymore, that she could be happy.

And yet, he stood still without making a single move fearing that if he acted on his impulses, that if he did what felt right, holding her tight and tell her that she had a shot at happiness and all she had to do was take it, it might somehow backfire and push her even further away.

So, he left just as stealthily as before and headed back to the kitchen. When he set foot there, he was so mad, so furious, that he slammed the door…hard. How could they be so freaking stupid???!!! They should be enjoying each other with a baby on the way and all.

He knew that if Jess was around, he’d never let go of her, but not his brother. Oh, no! It turned out that Dean instead of being his usual self –cocky, determined, and damn bossy!– and take the lead and get things under control, was choosing to go all emo and angsty. Sam couldn’t believe his brother was acting that way and no matter how hard or how long he thought it over, he just couldn’t get his brother at the moment.

Sam was pacing the room like a wild animal, his nose flaring both in anger and frustration, and he was so lost in his own musings that he failed to see Bobby walking into the kitchen.

“That’s it…I’m sick and tired of those two morons, too! C’mere and help me out,” the old hunter stated, guessing what was going on.

Evidently, Bobby had had enough and Sam smiled, filled with hope and quickly realizing that he had some sort of a plan. The brunette followed the old man downstairs to the panic room and once everything was in place, they both headed back upstairs.

Sam went outside and called Dean, who wasn’t drunk but was absently staring at the bottle of whiskey he was holding in his hand. In the past booze had helped him numb the pain, but now that he had an ever-present reminder of what he’d done, liquor didn’t seem to help much anymore. Besides, the torture of having her right there, in front of him, so close and yet being unable to hold her, to touch her, was killing him.

Dean was lost in his own pity party when he suddenly saw Sam standing before him saying that Bobby needed him. He reluctantly stepped away from the hood of the car he was leaning against and followed his brother back to the house.

“So? Where’s Bobby?” the blonde asked, looking around and seeing no sign of the old man.

“I think he’s in the basement,” the younger man replied quickly, making sure Dean walked in front of him on their way downstairs.

The brothers got to the basement in a matter of seconds and seeing that Bobby wasn’t around, Dean looked at Sam inquisitively, who immediately pointed at the panic room. Dean then stepped inside and looked around expecting to find the old hunter there but was met by Audrey instead. The blonde frowned and turned around in order to face Sam with the intention of asking him what was going on, but right then the youngest brother got out of the room incredibly fast and locked the door behind him.

“Sam? What the hell?” Dean asked, astonished.

He was expecting to hear his brother’s voice, and an explanation from him, but he heard Bobby’s instead.

“You two are staying put till you work things out,” the man stated firmly.

Dean and Audrey couldn’t believe their own ears and asked in unison, “What???!!!”

“You heard ‘im, guys,” Sam echoed. “So, start talking.”

“Oh, come on! You gotta be kidding me!” Dean retorted, a mix of fear and anger permeating his voice.

But Sam and Bobby weren’t kidding, at all! Actually, they were damn serious about the whole thing, and since they had nothing else to say, they both left the lovebirds alone and headed back upstairs.

Dean and Audrey were in a state of shock. They still couldn’t believe Bobby and Sam had tricked them like this. They were both jaw-slacked, staring at the door, expecting one of the men to open it and let them out, and then, when several long minutes went by and none of that happened, they both started shouting to the top of their voices, demanding Bobby or Sam let them go.

They yelled, threatened, and complained for a long while but the two men upstairs ignored the rattle and focused on their dinner, waiting for the couple to sort things out and put an end to their ridiculous behavior and stubborness.

Audrey was outraged with their locked-up status and eventually yelled, “This is ridiculous!!!” while she paced the room to and fro.

She looked around trying to find something she might use to get out of there and eventually came across an iron poker which was lying under a battered cot in the middle of the room. She immediately grabbed it and began hitting the massive iron door with it, resorting to all of her strength, in a futile effort to break it open.

The brunette was raging mad, her flaring nostrils and tense jaw were clear proof of that, and she kept banging the door non-stop, almost out of control, refusing to back down. Dean saw her furiously hitting the door over and over again and commanded, “Stop!”

His words went unheard, though. Evidently Audrey wasn’t one bit interested in listening to him or to anyone else for that matter! So, when she was swinging the poker up high in the air for momentum, he grabbed her arm making her drop the poker to the floor in the process, shouting louder this time, “Stop it! You’re gonna hurt yourself!”

She was so angry she’d listen to no reason, though, and tried to pick up the poker, clearly in order to resume her assault on the iron door, but he hooked his arms around her, literally caging her in his arms, and stopped her from doing so.

“Listen, there’s no getting outta here…The walls and door and solid iron…We’re not getting out unless Sam or Bobby let us out,” he explained as calmly as he could, which wasn’t much.

She ignored his words and kept struggling in his arms, raging mad, while he yelled repeatedly “Stop it!”

She went on resisting and after a while, she began yelling back at the blonde, “Let me go!” still squirming and angrily kicking him in the shins.

At that point, he realized she wasn’t going to stop any time soon, so he walked towards the cot, dragging her with him, her back firmly pressed against his chest.

“What are you doing???!!! Let me go!!!”

“Damn it, woman! Calm down already!” he yelled, yet again, clearly exasperated.

She refused to give in and kept fighting all along, more like squirming and twisting actually because Dean had a death-grip on her! And then, quite unexpectedly, he unhooked his arms and she was suddenly free. She quickly turned around in order to face him, well, not really, actually she had every intention of yelling at him and hit him as hard as she could, but Dean saw right through her and, in under a second, he had her pinned to the cot.

He had his hands firmly secured around her wrists, keeping her arms above her head, and his legs resting to each side of hers, keeping them clamped together. She was still squirming, doing her best to break free, but it turned out to be completely hopeless as she soon realized. Dean was keeping her in place, controlling her, pretty much effortlessly.

Their faces were close, very close, so close they were sharing breaths. He felt her body pressed against his, her hips moving frantically under him in all kinds of ways, twisting, rocking from right to left, and he swallowed and took a deep breath trying hard to keep it together.

It didn’t work, though, since her hips kept moving and shifting and twisting, and that was doing all sorts of things to his downstairs brain. He knew he had to do something fast before things got hard, literally, so he wrapped his large hand around her delicate wrists and moved his other hand, now free, down south towards her hips in order to keep them steady.

He soon realized it wasn’t actually working so he shifted the position of his hand and placed it on her belly, hoping it’d do the trick, and instantly noticed the tiny baby bump. He froze, his hand carefully feeling her once taut and flat belly, and he locked gazes with her, who was still furious and doing just about anything to break free. He felt something warm washing over him and couldn’t help smiling, which seemed to make the angry woman under him even angrier as she yelled louder and louder by the second.

“Let.me.go!” she shouted, punctuating the words.

That somehow brought him out of his own musings, and he yelled back at her, “Stop it! Damn it! You’re gonna hurt yourself…or the baby!”

He couldn’t believe what he’d just said…a baby. Man, he wished things were different, he wished he could enjoy this  the way normal people did, but then he’d always been kind of a freak…no way things would be any different now!

Dean and Audrey locked gazes and she froze once his words finally sank in. She was having a baby…his baby. It was too overwhelming and she looked away, seemingly ashamed, even concerned, as she nervously bit her lower lip.

He watched her for a long while finding her absolutely adorable and wanting to keep her in his arms forever and never let go. He absently brushed his nose against her cheek thinking “God, she smells so good!” and wishing he could bury his face in the soft dark waves framing her face or better still, let his lips seek comfort in hers and kiss her deeply till they were both out of breath.

He instinctively knew he could stay like this forever, with her in his arms, safe from all the evil things out there that were after her, after them both, but was brought back to reality by her voice.

“Will you let me go now…please?” she pleaded.

He didn’t reply, though, so she insisted, “I’ve calmed down…promise.”

He then looked at her in the eye and said, “Only if you take it easy and stop acting like crazy.”



“Yeah, I promise!” she insisted, rolling her eyes this time.

“Okay, then.”

He let go of her and gently lifted his weight off her body, setting her free. He’d expected her to jump out of the cot, away from him, but she stood very still instead. They both stared at each other for a long while, without moving a muscle, until the silence grew too uncomfortable and they both finally stood up and walked towards opposite corners. After a couple of minutes, though, he ended up sitting on the cot, knowing there was no use in pacing the room.

He stealthily looked at her nervously walking back and forth as his mind processed the events and it all finally sank in. Pregnant…a baby on the way…Audrey was having a baby…she was having his baby.

His brain was working at an amazing speed, still in shock and unable to fully understand what it all actually meant and, all of a sudden, memories from the pit began flashing through his eyes…

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Author: emeralds75
Summary: Dean was Alistair's most beloved student for a reason. Fic on what Dean did in Hell and the consequences he has to deal with after he's pulled out...and the fact that his brother starts looking at him -and touching him!- in ways he shouldn't. First half of the story is set in Hell and there's DW/OFC. Eventually DW/SW -when DW's alive and kicking- and Evil!SW towards the end.
Sorry! I know I suck at summaries! If you want, you can suggest a better one as the story progresses!
A/N: My muse's been pretty creative and this is going to be a really 'really' long story -meaning lots and lots of chapters.
Rated: NC-17
Setting: Season Four
Characters: Dean, Sam, Alistair, Ruby, Bobby Singer, Castiel, OFC, OMCs
Genres: Angst, Torture, Horror, Hurt & Comfort, Romance
Warnings: BDSM, Rape/Non-con, Dub-con, Threesome, Torture, Language, Violence
Disclaimer: Don’t own them…just writing for fun!

A/N: Hi, guys! Since my fic is going to be pretty long, I thought it’d be a good idea to have an index. I’ll be updating it regularly and you’ll find a short summary of each chapter there –in case you’re not interested in reading the whole thing. Enjoy!

Index here: http://emeralds75.livejournal.com/3985.html

Chapter 23: Weekend at Bobby’s

The following morning Dean was the first up –not surprising since he’d barely had any sleep worried sick with concern, and had ended up tossing and turning all night long!– and decided to fix breakfast for Audrey and take it to her room, secretly wishing they could make peace. He knew it was a long shot now that she remembered –more like wishful thinking actually!– but he was going crazy staying put and concluded it was high time he did something about it.

He knocked gently on her door and since he was getting no answer, he unlocked it and stepped inside. He found her sleeping peacefully, in exactly the same position he’d left her the previous day and felt a strong need to lie down next to her and kiss her deeply till they were both out of breath.

He recalled all the times he woke her up with passionate kisses in the pit and felt torn apart. He needed her, badly, there was no denying that! His whole body screamed volumes and yet, he somehow managed to keep his urges on check, and left the tray with her breakfast on the nightstand and immediately left the room, unsure of how long he’d be able to control his impulses around her.

He kept busy downstairs waiting for her to wake up, call for help or something…anything…but, after several hours of dead silence, he couldn’t take it anymore, and started pacing the room like a caged animal.

Sam and Bobby didn’t utter a word realizing the blonde was about to snap, and no doubt take out all of his frustration on them. And then, all of a sudden, they saw him heading upstairs, eyes filled with determination.

Dean stood outside her room, took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves, and knocked on the door. He waited for her to answer, impatiently rocking back and forth, but there was none so he tried again, and again, and again.

And yet, nothing.

“Baby, you okay?” he asked, hoping that this time she’d respond. “Sweetheart?” he insisted, unlocking the door and slowly opening it.

He’d expected her to be fast asleep, still tired from their long road trip, but the second he stepped inside the room, he saw a plate and a cup flying straight towards him, which he easily blocked out with his arm.

“What the he-???!!!” he began saying when he heard Audrey yelling at him and shouting at the top of her lungs, “Let me out!!!!” while she threw at him anything she had at hand.

He saw a number of objects flying in a clear trayectory towards him and he quickly made himself scarce, locking the door behind him and leaving a seriously pissed off woman trashing the room.  He’d expected her to calm down the minute he stepped outside but he was proved wrong soon enough. The yelling went on for hours and it didn’t look like it’d end any time soon.

The three hunters were busy researching, and demon proofing the house, and doing their best to ignore the never-ending racket coming from upstairs, but it was no easy task.

“Well, that’s a feisty one, Dean!” Bobby commented rubbing his forehead and feeling a terrible headache kicking in.

“Yeah,” the blonde replied dryly.

The old hunter was growing tired of all the drama, which was soon becoming evident to everyone in the room, and he decided to step in and end it all for good. So, he put aside the book he was reading and walked straight to her room as two wide-eyed Winchesters followed his every move.

“Bobby, wait! What are you-?” Dean asked, trailing behind the old man.

“Hang on, Dean,” the brunette said, grabbing his brother by the arm in order to stop him. “Maybe he can talk some sense into her…Let ‘im give it a shot.”

“Yeah…Guess you’re right,” the blonde replied, not quite sure about it though.

Bobby knocked on her door and spoke, announcing his presence, before unlocking the door and coming in. Audrey was about to jump on him and beat him as hard as she could, but realizing it wasn’t either of the brothers, she decided to give this man a chance. Hence, she retreated towards one of the walls firmly holding a heavy lamp in her hands, and waited for him to speak up.

Bobby wasn’t stupid and knew that given the chance, she’d smash his head with the lamp and make a run for it –or at least try to! He wasn’t young anymore but he was highly experienced, and a fine hunter, and he was sure he’d be able to stop her in under a second.

He knew he had to keep his guard up but he didn’t want to appear threatening to her either. Evidently, she’d been through enough already and he thought it best to follow the path of least resistence. So, he left the door open behind him and leaned on the frame, blocking her only escape route.

“You need to calm down,” he said slowly and as soothingly as he could.

She didn’t utter a word and kept looking around, clearly trying to find some other way out of the room.

“Listen, I know those two idjits shouldn’t have taken you like that.”

“Kidnap me…They kidnapped me!” she corrected, locking gazes with him, still raging mad and somewhat scared.

“Yeah, I know,” the old man carried on. “They’re good men, but they can be real morons sometimes…But still you gotta understand, what they did was unbelievably stupid but they did it for your own sake…After all, a demon’s after you and there’s no doubt you’ll be safer here.”

Audrey looked at him, studied him carefully, and concluded that he seemed to be telling the truth. He sounded comforting, understanding, and somehow she found herself slowly beginning to trust him and calm down.

“I-I know it makes sense,” she agreed reluctantly. “But still, they shouldn’t have taken me away like that.”

“Yeah, that’s true…Those two don’t think straight sometimes…but like I said earlier, they were just trying to protect you,” the old hunter insisted.

Audrey didn’t seem particularly thrilled by any of it, but had to admit the man had a point. The brothers had gone to that filthy basement looking for her and faced a demon to save her. True, it all had to do with Dean, well, not quite, Ian seemed pretty obsessed with her…Geez! How come her life had become so damn complicated! And to think that only a few weeks ago it’d been pretty uneventful, even boring! Her greatest highlight being Roy and Charlotte’s visits at weekends and the movies with Emma and some other waitresses from the diner. And then, she felt a cold shiver as she thought, “Oh, no, Charlotte and Roy…Ian knows about them…What if-?”

Bobby immediately noticed the concern in her eyes and asked, “What is it, honey?”

“Erm…I’ve got some friends in Blue Lake…The demon knows about them. I-I gotta warn them!” she explained agitated.

“Fine, let’s go downstairs and call them.”

“Really?” she asked frowing, unable to believe her own ears.

The hunter nodded and she replied smiling, “Thank you!”

The old man seemed to be kind of rough around the edges but evidently he was more civilized and far less paranoid that the Winchesters! And she was extremely grateful for it, considering her circumstances.

Naturally, Bobby had expected something like that to happen. It made perfect sense that she’d have friends and family and he’d thought it through well in advance and came to the conclusion it was better to let her contact them and let them know that she was okay, that way the police wouldn’t get involved in their business.

“I gotta ask you one thing, though,” he said as they climbed down the stairs.


“Plase don’t tell them where or who you are with. Just tell ‘em you’re visiting some friends and that you’ll call ‘em back again soon, ‘kay?”

“But-” she began saying but was cut short by the old man.

“Listen, I know this whole thing is ten kinds of crazy and that it’s a lot to take in, but you gotta trust me on this, it’s the best for everyone,” he explained.

She listened to him attentively all the while thinking “Ten kinds of crazy…if only you knew!” but didn’t say a word. Instead, she nodded and followed him downstairs.

The Winchesters saw Bobby walking into the kitchen…and Audrey a few steps behind him. She seemed calm, a little worried, but calm, and the brothers couldn’t help wondering how Bobby had managed to calm her down. Clearly he was much more resourceful than they’d imagined!

The blonde noticed that she didn’t look particularly happy with her situation, so to speak, but at least she wasn’t yelling or throwing things at them, at him actually, and he guessed it was a step up. Still, he didn’t want to push his luck, so he kept his mouth shut, just like Sam, and waited to see what happened next.

She walked past him and headed straight to the phone. The blonde saw her dialing and was about to stand up from his chair and stop her, but Bobby placed his hand on his shoulder and the eldest brother remained seated. However, his eyes were completely focused on her, who, for the first time in hours was smiling, animatedly talking to the couple from Blue Lake, assuring them that she was alright and that she was visiting some friends.

“Yeah…Yeah, I’m okay. (…) Everything’s fine, Charlotte. (…) Like I said earlier I’m visiting some friends from before. (…) No, that’s alright. I’ll call you again soon. (…) Listen, I know this is gonna sound, erm, weird, but I really need to-”

She stopped in mid-sentence and, all of a sudden, her face went pale and she dropped the phone. In under a second, Dean stood up, rushed to the phone and as soon as he picked up the receiver, he heard a threatening voice on the other end of the line, “You’d better come to me real soon, princess…or I’ll keep slicing throats.”

Dean didn’t recognize the voice but he knew exactly who it was: Ian. The son of a bitch had obviously paid a visit to her friends and killed them both. He knew there was nothing they could do so he hung up and turned around. His eyes instantly landed on Audrey, who was standing barely a few feet away from him, staring at the phone, frozen, as tears began running down her cheeks.

He hated to see her so hurt. A few minutes ago she’d been happily talking on the phone to her friends –well, kinda!– and now she was…a wreck. He felt the desperate need to comfort her, to throw his arms around his girl, and make it all better, make all the darkness and the pain go away…for good. He instinctively took a step towards her, his arms slowly reaching out to her, but the second he did it, she took a step back, away from him. Her reaction pretty much broke his heart but rnow wasn’t the time for self-pity –not to mention that he didn’t want Sam or Bobby to see it!– so he stood still right where he was.

Bobby was older and more experienced than both brothers combined –and a heck of a lot smarter if you asked him!– and in no time became aware of what was going on. So, he walked towards her and held her tight.

At first, she became tense and placed her hands on his chest trying to push him away, but the old hunter held her tighter instead of letting go and she ended up giving in, finally wrapping her arms around him and letting her tears flow freely.

Dean kept his eyes fixed on them wishing it was his arms around her, his body and his voice comforting her, but then he guessed it’d have to do for the moment. Besides, it was good that  she trusted at least one of them. Evidently, she was mad at Sam for not stopping him and helping him instead and she was, well, madly furious at him for kidnapping her. Even more so, the blonde was pretty sure she hated his guts for everything he’d done to her…in the pit…and then there was their time together at the cabin…and Ian…and the baby…Dean was damn sure she wanted to put a bullet right between his eyes and bury him in a shallow grave!

Bobby held Audrey in his arms and rubbed soothing circles on her back.

“Sh…it’s okay, honey. You’re safe here,” the old man said over and over again.

He carried on comforting her the best he could for several long minutes until she finally stopped sobbing and calmed down. She wiped her tears away with her hands and said, looking straight at Bobby, “I gotta go back…Gotta help Roy and Charlotte.”

“No, no friggin’ way you’re going back there! You’re staying put, you hear me?!” Dean stated adamantly.

She stared at him and retorted, “You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore…Do you hear me???!!!”

Bobby and Sam exchanged looks knowing they’d have to step in before it turned into the mother of fights. So, the young Winchester approached his brother and quickly grabbed his arm, giving him a knowing look, while Bobby focused his attention on the girl and did his best to break the news as gently as he could.

“Listen,” he began explaining, “the demon got to your friends…and I’m sorry but there’s no way they’re still…It’s too late for them…I’m sorry, but it’s true. There’s nothing any of us can do to help them except pray for their souls.”

She looked down, her eyes watery again, knowing that what the old man was saying was nothing but the truth. It was too late for Roy and Charlotte. Ian had obviously taken care of them, and she couldn’t help fearing who else he might hurt if she ignored his threats.

She voiced her concerns, and insisted on going back to Blue Lake, but Bobby somehow managed to persuade her and, after a long talk in the kitchen, with both brothers quietly sitting on one side, some sense grew into her and she agreed to stay.

The old man skillfully explained that there was nothing she could do to stop the demon and that if she gave in to him, it’d make no difference at all. He’d go on killing people and doing whatever he pleased, only it’d be much worse because she’d have to witness it all and endure whatever he had in store for her. Now, if she stayed with them, that might buy them some time so that they could toast the douchebag.

She pondered on his words for a long while before uttering, “Makes sense,” although she wasn’t quite sure about the whole thing.

Bobby, seeing that she was beginning to give in, then added, “Besides, I gotta admit I need some help around the house. See, I haven’t been feeling very well lately and I could use with an extra pair of hands.”

Audrey looked around her and nodded –Bobby’s place wasn’t exactly what you’d call a Martha

Stewart kind of place!

The old hunter went on and on about it saying that they could help each other while they got rid of the demon and she figured out her next move, and she finally agreed to stay. Bobby was clearly manipulating her. He knew that there was no safer place on the planet when it came to demons or the supernatural. His place was practically a fortress and there was no doubt she’d be safe and sound under his roof. Besides, it’d give both Audrey and Dean the chance to spend some time together and try to work things out.

Sam saw Audrey leaving the kitchen saying something about cleaning up the mess she’d made upstairs, and then Dean heading outside to get some stuff out of the Impala. The brunette then shifted his eyes towards the old man, still unable to believe how persuasive he could be.

Bobby seemed to guess almost instantly what the young Winchester was thinking because he said, “Hey, you’ve got your puppy-dog eyes…well, I’ve got my own ways!”

Fine, she’d agreed to stay at Bobby’s, which was quite an achievement if you asked them, but she was clearly pissed, especially at Dean, so Bobby suggested all three men stay out of her way till things got better. The brothers agreed knowing that the old hunter was right and they busied themselves with research and did their best to avoid her.

Weeks went by and they slowly fell into a routine. Audrey took care of the house and the three men stuck to hunting and doing research –and making sure Ian wasn’t anywhere near her! Little by little, things seemed to be getting better, especially between Audrey and Bobby, who she’d begun trusting more and more.

She knew the Winchester’s story, not all of it, but at least got the basics and knew how they’d gotten involved in the whole hunting business. But she didn’t know the first thing about Bobby and couldn’t help wondering what had happened to him. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, the old man had a good heart and Audrey wondered why he didn’t have a family of his own, wife and kids, and guessed some supernatural stuff was somehow to be blamed for it. She didn’t say a word, though, thinking she had no right to ask such questions.

Bobby, who wasn’t born yesterday, quickly noticed her curiosity about his relationship with the brothers and his being a hunter; however, he wasn’t that sure how to deal with it. Truth be told, he’d never been the sharing type –only Dean was worse than him in that regard!– and he wasn’t thrilled by the idea of disclosing personal information to Audrey. But then, on second thought, he realized he’d have to tell her something about himself, that is, if he wanted her to trust him, to trust them.

So, one afternoon, when the Winchesters were in town getting some badly needed supplies, namely rock salt and beer, he sat down beside her and began telling her how he’d met the boys and become “uncle Bobby.”

It wasn’t easy for him at first, but the pair of sweet chocolate brown eyes giving him sympathetic looks soon made him feel reassured, comforted, and before he knew it, he’d told her about his late wife and his first encounter with demons.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, gently squeezing his hand.

She saw the pain in his eyes and felt truly sorry for him. He’d had a happy life once, the promise of a family with his beloved wife, and everything had been taken away from him.

The old man felt the tears pooling in his eyes and he rubbed them quickly, refusing to let his feelings get the best of him.

“Yeah…well, none of us have any family left,” he commented, clearly referring to the brothers, “Those two idijits are all I’ve got…they’re not the smartest of the lot,” he joked, “but they’re good kids.”

The whole talk was getting very emotional, too emotional for his own liking actually. So, he cleared his throat, swallowed the lump in his throat, and asked, trying to change the subject and get her to share with him, “So, erm, I guess you’re keeping the baby?”

He was hesitant, which wasn’t like him at all, not sure he should be asking her such personal questions but then he thought that since he’d shared, it was okay to ask.

She stared at the floorboards, weighing her words, and finally replied, “Yes…none of this is what I ever expected…I mean, the way it happened…what’s going on now…and I suppose it’s not the smartest move but I can’t-…I just can’t…the baby’s not to blame for it.”

The old hunter looked at her wondering if she’d talked about it with Dean and quickly came to the conclusion that she hadn’t, which wasn’t at all surprising considering all the exchanges that had taken place between the lovebirds since they’d shown up at his doorstep had been barely “morning”, “thanks” and “good night”…and some other courtesies pretty much along the same lines.

Days went by uneventful, which was both a relief and worrying –and it most probably meant that demons were up to something, but it also gave the hunters time to get ready for whatever they’d have to face down the road as well as some good rest.

Sam saw this break as a chance not only to relax a little bit but also to get to know Audrey, well, to get her to talk, actually talk, to him first. She now didn’t seem as furious as when they first arrived at Bobby’s place and the brunette thought he might get lucky and manage to break through her walls. Not that he blamed her for being mad at them for kidnapping her, that hadn’t been their greatest moment, but it seemed to have turned out just fine. She was safe and sound, and away from Ian’s reach…pretty successful plan so far if you asked him.

So, he started looking for all sorts of excuses to spend some time with her, from helping out with the dishes to sweeping floors and doing laundry, anything that could get him closer to her, and his puppy-dog eyes luckily took care of it all.

Slowly things got better and better between them and she started talking, actually talking, to him again. At first, it was mere chit-chat but they soon began talking about different topics, all that intellectual college crap as his brother would put it, that he enjoyed so much. And before he knew it, they were having long talks about a number of subjects: literature, history, art, and so on.

It became evident to Sam that Audrey felt more comfortable around him and that she was slowly beginning to trust him. He was truly glad about it because the more he knew her, the more he liked her. She was sweet and really smart –let alone learned and cultured! Their conversations turned into long debates and she always challenged his ideas. And, well, he just loved it. He’d always enjoyed those intellectual confrontations back at school and never realized how much he’d missed them until now.

Things were going pretty well between him and Audrey, there was no denying that; however, she still ignored Dean and whenever he or Bobby brought it up somehow –or even tried to!- she walked away.

At first, Dean stayed with Sam and Audrey while they had their discussions, quietly sipping at his beer on some corner. But she kept ignoring him, she wouldn’t look at him, not even acknowledge his presence in the room, and it soon became too painful for him. Having her around and being unable to touch her, to hold her, was killing him…and the fact that she wanted nothing to do with him made it all much much worse. It quickly became unbearable to him and knowing there was nothing he could do about it, he decided to put it all behind him. So now, whenever Audrey entered a room, he quickly made himself scarce with some lame excuse.

Yep, there was no doubt: Dean was sick with love. It even seemed sort of funny to the young Winchester, that is, until he remembered what had happened a few nights ago…

Audrey had fallen asleep downstairs on Bobby’s ratty couch and she seemed to be cold. Dean, who kept his distance as usual but always stayed close enough to step in, just in case some freak came after her, was in the other room cleaning his guns and he walked past her on his way to the kitcken to wash his hands.

He saw her wrapping her arms around her trying to get warm, and he covered her with a blanket Bobby usually kept in a chest next to the couch. He got hold of it and placed it around her carefully and lovingly, before kneeling down next to her, facing her.

Dean’s behavior didn’t go unnoticed to Sam, who also happened to realize that his brother wasn’t hitting on anybody. They’d been to a number of bars lately looking for intel –and cash!- and Dean hadn’t made a move. They’d seen a number of hotties at those joints and many of them had blatantly expressed their interest in the blonde and yet, Dean hadn’t done anything about it. His brother, who was supposed to be sex on two legs, was passing up sex?

Sam was stunned by it. Dean was being faithful to Audrey…even if he wasn’t aware of it! Evidently, he’d fallen hard for her. But that wasn’t the only thing the brunette had noticed because he’d heard the blonde calling her name in his sleep more than once, and then there was the fact that Dean was drinking a lot more than usual.

The blonde made sure she was warm and comfortably wrapped in the blanket and then he shifted his hand from her shoulder towards her head in order to stroke her hair, clearly sick with love, but he stopped barely an inch away and slowly withdrew his hand.

Dean wasn’t aware of it but Sam was standing on the doorway a few feet away from him, quietly watching the scene. Sam could see Dean’s arms next to his body, tensed up, his hands clenched in fists.

The brunette focused on his brother’s hands and noticed they were clenched so hard his knuckles were quickly turning white. Dean was so lost in her, in what he was feeling, in his own turmoil, that he didn’t realize his brother was watching him. He let his guard down for a minute thinking no one was around and he let his mask drop, his face showing how sad and guilt-ridden he actually felt.

Seeing his brother in so much pain was killing Sam and when he saw the single tear running down his cheek, the brunette decided to step in. He didn’t have the chance, though, because Dean quickly wiped his tears with his sleeve, stood up and headed outside.

Sam remembered it all vividly and said to himself, “Oh, Dean,” sighing and shaking his head, wishing he could help his brother, knowing that he had to help his brother, but not knowing how.

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Author: emeralds75
Summary: Dean was Alistair's most beloved student for a reason. Fic on what Dean did in Hell and the consequences he has to deal with after he's pulled out...and the fact that his brother starts looking at him -and touching him!- in ways he shouldn't. First half of the story is set in Hell and there's DW/OFC. Eventually DW/SW -when DW's alive and kicking- and Evil!SW towards the end.
Sorry! I know I suck at summaries! If you want, you can suggest a better one as the story progresses!
A/N: My muse's been pretty creative and this is going to be a really 'really' long story -meaning lots and lots of chapters.
Rated: NC-17
Setting: Season Four
Characters: Dean, Sam, Alistair, Ruby, Bobby Singer, Castiel, OFC, OMCs
Genres: Angst, Torture, Horror, Hurt & Comfort, Romance
Warnings: BDSM, Rape/Non-con, Dub-con, Threesome, Torture, Language, Violence
Disclaimer: Don’t own them…just writing for fun!

A/N: Hi, guys! Since my fic is going to be pretty long, I thought it’d be a good idea to have an index. I’ll be updating it regularly and you’ll find a short summary of each chapter there –in case you’re not interested in reading the whole thing. Enjoy!

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Chapter 22: Desperate Measures

The rest of the drive was unusually quiet. Both Winchesters were too worried about everything that was going on and not sure about what to do next…no matter how hard they both refused to admit it.

When the car finally stopped after endless hours on the road, Audrey stirred a little. Evidently, she was awake now. She’d spent half the road trip squirming and twisting, doing anything she could think of to break free, rather unsuccessfully, though, and had eventually fallen asleep, literally caged in Dean’s arms.

When she woke up, she was confused, pretty worn out, and feeling completely lost, wondering what was going on and where she was. She was in a car, that much she could tell from the noises she could hear and the rocking motion of the seat where she was lying…gagged, blindfolded and tied up! She then felt strong arms wrapped around her small frame, hard-rock muscles pressed against her, as warm hands stroked her back and head soothingly.

Suddenly, it all came back to her. On remembering where she was, and who she was with, she resumed her attempts to escape but she was completely spent, too exhausted to put up a fight, and soon gave up. Besides, it was pretty obvious that there was no way out of his death grip…not unless he let her!

Sam removed the keys from the ignition and saw Audrey squirming and heard her muffled protests but, after a couple of minutes, she stopped resisting and went completely still.

The brunette let go of a breath, thanking heaven she was playing along. He was pretty sure it wouldn’t last long, but at least it came in handy at the moment. He knew that Bobby would be seriously pissed off and there was no way he could handle both a cranky Bobby and a raging mad Audrey…not at the same time!

Besides, Dean seemed so lost, so out of it, that he wouldn’t be much help…at all! Not that he blamed him in any way. His brother had been through a lot in the last twenty four hours and naturally needed some time to process things.

They got out of the car and were met by Bobby, who was holding a shotgun, ready to blow the head off of whoever had dared to trespass in the middle of the night –guessing it was a demon or some other supernatural entity.

The old hunter was about to yell at the brothers for almost giving him a heart attack when he saw Dean carrying a gagged, blindfolded and tied up girl in his arms. Not that it shocked him –he’d seen plenty in his life!– but when he saw the look on both brother’s faces, he knew something was definitely wrong.

Bobby took a closer look at the curvy brunette and quickly realized it was the same girl he’d seen with Dean at that run-down cabin in Blue Lake, and couldn’t help wondering what the blonde was up to.

It was the second time he caught Dean with this particular woman in his arms and, in honest truth, it baffled him. This wasn’t like Dean…at all!

Bobby had known the eldest brother since he was a kid, and had seen him chasing tail from an early age; however, he’d never seen the blonde with the same girl twice…not ever!

The old man stared at the girl for a moment, then put his gun down and scratched his head wondering what was up between her and his surrogate son. He remembered vividly –too vividly for his own liking!– the steaming hot sex between them at the cabin, but that didn’t particularly called his attention. After all, Dean having sex with a hot chick was only to be expected…but then he’d always been a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em kind of guy, so what was he still doing with her? After all this time?

Bobby’s eyes shifted from the girl to Dean and saw the blonde’s quick glances at her, eyes filled with concern and something else he couldn’t put his finger on quite yet. Both brothers looked pretty worried, there was no denying that, and he guessed something big was going on…and didn’t like it one bit!

He was in some serious need for answers. So, he turned around and walked towards the house, both Winchesters quietly trailing along behind him.

The second they set foot inside, Dean carried her upstairs, leaving Sam with Bobby in the kitchen. The brunette could feel Bobby’s glare on him and knew exactly what that meant “better spill or I’ll kick your ass!”

Dean opened the door and carefully placed her on the bed before making sure the room was safe. Not that he needed to, this was Bobby’s place after all, and there were salt lines on the door and windows, demon traps and protection symbols everywhere, plus iron bars on the windows. The damn place was safer than Fort Knox! But still, he thought that there was no harm in double checking.

Once he made sure everything was in place, he approached her and gently removed the gag and blindfold and then untied her wrists and ankles. Audrey rubbed her eyes trying to adjust them to the light and figure out where she was, but it was dark and she was incredibly tired and soon fell into oblivion despite herself.

Dean stayed with her for a few minutes and seeing that she was fast asleep –and safe and sound!– he left the room, locking the door behind him. When he got downstairs, he was met by an awkwardly quiet Sam and, no wonder, a seriously pissed off Bobby. Hence, the blonde took a deep breath knowing the old hunter would most certainly yell at him…and he wasn’t wrong!

“What the hell were you two thinking, idjits???!!!” Bobby shouted angrily, glaring at both brothers, and then carried on, “Don’t you think you shoulda called me first???!!!”

Dean put his hands in his pockets and looked down feeling like a five-year-old who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar! Man, Bobby always had that effect on him –the whole surrogate father thing he guessed, and sometimes he just hated it.

He looked at his brother out of the corner of his eye and noticed he was just standing there, clearly not one bit interested in doing or saying something that made the old man even more irate. Dean didn’t blame him, it was his mess after all, and he should be the one to clean it up.

“Sorry, Bobby, it’s just that it all happened so fast and we had nowhere to go…and I had to get her out of there to some place safe and-” Dean began explaining, but was quickly cut short by Bobby.

“I’m not yelling ‘cause you brought ‘er here, you, morons…all I’m saying is you could’ve picked up the damn phone and let me know you were coming!”

“Sorry,” the brothers replied in unison.

“Now, grab a beer, sit down and tell me exactly what’s going on this time.”

The three men sat at the table and Dean explained things to him, well, not exactly, he did tell Bobby about the baby and the demon after them –after her, actually– but he left out the whole binding and marriage in Hell thing.

Bobby listened attentively to every word the blonde uttered, wide-eyed, which was pretty amazing considering all he’d seen in his life!

“I see,” the old hunter said scratching his head, “Why did you tie ‘er up?”

“Well, it’s just that she wouldn’t cooperate,” the blonde explained.

“And you thought that tying her up would make her trust you, right, genius?” the old man retorted.

“No! But it was the only thing I could think of…We barely made it out of that basement!”

Bobby could see the concern and despair in Dean’s eyes and he decided not to push the matter, at least not for the moment.

The three men went dead silent and sipped at their beers, still trying to process the latest events and not knowing how to go about it. Then, the eldest Winchester, who seemed awkwardly uncomfortable with all of Bobby’s questions, excused himself saying he needed some rest.

Naturally, Bobby didn’t buy any of his excuses, it was obvious to him that something was off and later that night, when he was sure Dean was fast asleep, he took Sam outside and drilled him with questions till the youngest Winchester spilt.

It wasn’t that easy, though, the brunette refused to answer Bobby’s inquiries, but the old man was like a dog with a bone, there was no way he’d leave it alone. So, in the end, the brunette reluctantly agreed to respond.

Sam explained things in detail to Bobby: how Dean and Audrey had met in the pit, the binding spell that had pulled her out of Hell, Elizabeth Seymour’s ghost and her love curse, the resulting pregnancy, Ian…

Actually, Sam didn’t share everything with Bobby, though. He left out all the inappropriate feelings he’d been harboring for his brother since he saw him having sex with Audrey. There was no need to let him know about it. Besides, they seemed to be fading away and he felt truly relieved and thankful for it.

No need to let anyone know, not now, not ever!

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Author: emeralds75
Summary: Dean was Alistair's most beloved student for a reason. Fic on what Dean did in Hell and the consequences he has to deal with after he's pulled out...and the fact that his brother starts looking at him -and touching him!- in ways he shouldn't. First half of the story is set in Hell and there's DW/OFC. Eventually DW/SW -when DW's alive and kicking- and Evil!SW towards the end.
Sorry! I know I suck at summaries! If you want, you can suggest a better one as the story progresses!
A/N: My muse's been pretty creative and this is going to be a really 'really' long story -meaning lots and lots of chapters.
Rated: NC-17
Setting: Season Four
Characters: Dean, Sam, Alistair, Ruby, Bobby Singer, Castiel, OFC, OMCs
Genres: Angst, Torture, Horror, Hurt & Comfort, Romance
Warnings: BDSM, Rape/Non-con, Dub-con, Threesome, Torture, Language, Violence
Disclaimer: Don’t own them…just writing for fun!

A/N: Hi, guys! Since my fic is going to be pretty long, I thought it’d be a good idea to have an index. I’ll be updating it regularly and you’ll find a short summary of each chapter there –in case you’re not interested in reading the whole thing. Enjoy!

Index here: http://emeralds75.livejournal.com/3985.html

Chapter 21: Desperate Times…

When Audrey woke up several hours later, she was on a couch, in the den, a comforter covering her naked body, while both Winchesters kept watch. She was confused and had no idea how she’d ended up downstairs, naked of all things!

And then, it hit her. She remembered Paul Norland in her bedroom, in the middle of the night, dragging her out of the house against her will and then…his pitch-black eyes. She felt a cold shiver down her spine at the memories of the previous night and morning and a cold sweat quickly began spreading all over her.

The fact that she was now awake and utterly confused didn’t go unnoticed to the brothers, particularly to Dean, who immediately approached her and asked, “Hey, sweetheart…you okay?”

His voice was somewhat laced with relief. In honest truth, he secretly feared Castiel’s cure hadn’t actually worked. She’d been sleeping soundly for several hours and shown no sign of waking up any time soon, and Dean had feared the worst: that she’d end up in some kind of coma. Hence, now that she was fully awake, alert, and seemed perfectly alright –at least physically– he felt a tremendous weight lifting off his shoulders.

And yet, that was precisely his main concern as well. She seemed physically alright, but the angel had very clearly stated that she knew, that she now remembered, and the blonde was terrified by the implications.

Audrey saw Dean approaching her and instinctively wrapped herself up in the covers –he, they actually, had already seen enough!

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she then replied without making eye-contact with either of the brothers.

“You sure?” he insisted, nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

She didn’t say a word. Instead, she nodded and the blonde added, “Good. We’re leaving then. Lemme help you go to your room so you can get ready.”

Audrey instantly looked up and locked gazes with him. She couldn’t believe her own ears! He couldn’t possibly think he’d boss her around, could he? Well, not anymore!

“Excuse me?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“We gotta go. Obviously, you’re not safe here anymore,” the blonde stated matter-of-factly.

It was evident to him that they had to leave asap; however, she didn’t seem to share his views because she replied punctuating her words, “I.am.not.going.anywhere!”

The Winchesters were wide-eyed…and jaw-slacked as well! They never saw that one coming! And now, on top of the seals and demons and all of the crap they were up against, they’d also have to deal with a stubborn woman.

Naturally, Dean did his best to try and persuade her as well as Sam. They mentioned a thousand reasons why it was a really bad idea to stay put there. None of their efforts paid off, though. No matter how many times they tried to explain it all she simply wouldn’t listen to reason and adamantly refused to leave. And then, Dean had enough.

“Enough!” he yelled, and then added looking dead serious, “You know exactly what we’re dealing with here and you gotta come with us!”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she denied hesitantly.

The blonde sighed, frustrated, and said, “Yes, you do. Castiel, the angel who got us the cure for whatever Ian did to you, told us that you…remember.”

She was shocked by his words and didn’t know how to respond to any of that: an angel had healed her? How the heck did Dean know an angel? And even more so, how come they were buddies? But worse still…he knew that she remembered it all.

She’d been through a lot in the last 24 hours, through too much perhaps, and before she knew it, her defence mechanism kicked in. She kept her head down, away from the Winchesters, and began shouting over and over again, “No, I don’t!!!! I don’t!!!!” practically shaking out of control.

Dean saw his girl wrapped up in the cover, looking so small and so lost, and instantly knew what to do. He swallowed the lump in his throat, sat next to her on the couch, up close to her, and lifted her chin with his hand, lovingly yet firmly, forcing her to make eye-contact with him.

“Yes, you do,” was all he said, and was met by her watery eyes and pained expression.

“No…I don’t,” she denied once again, this time on the verge of tears.

“Baby, you’re a lousy liar,” he replied with a weak smile while he stroked her cheek.

Dean felt his heart sinking. Here he was, causing her all this pain again and it made him wish he’d never come to Blue Lake in the first place. But then he realized her fate might have been far worse if he hadn’t shown up. Who knew what Ian or some other demon had in store for her…just to get back at him? Yes, there was no doubt, Sam been right all along: tracking her down and coming to her had been the smartest move.

“Honey, you’re not safe here,” he then carried on, “We’re going to a friend’s place. We’ll all be safe there, okay?”

He observed her carefully as he talked and noticed that she looked different, more put together, more…determined.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she then said looking at him in the eye.

Okay, he hadn’t expected that.

She kept her eyes locked with his, and repeated, this time more defiantly, “I am not going anywhere. You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore. I am not some piece of property, you hear me???!!!”

Fine, Dean’s plan of taking her to Bobby’s wouldn’t be easy to carry out. Clearly, Audrey wasn’t all sweet vanilla now –more like wild cherry!– and things wouldn’t go as smoothly as he’d hoped…not even close!

The thing was that Audrey wanted to have at least some control over her own life. She felt like she had practically none, and now that she remembered everything, she was fully determined to decide her own fate.

Both Winchesters were in shock –and that barely began to describe their current state of mind! The sweet girl they’d been living with for the past few weeks had been replaced by a strong-willed woman who clearly didn’t take any crap from anybody.

Sam couldn’t help smiling and finally understood why his brother had fallen so hard for her. And then there was the fact that she was hot too! He wasn’t a perv but he wasn’t a saint either and he’d naturally taken a good long look at Audrey’s naked body both in the basement and then back in the lake house. Not that he’d planned to, it’d just kinda happened…after all, he was a man –a young virile man!

However, this wasn’t the best of times to have to deal with a feisty woman and Dean seemed to be on the same page because the brunette suddenly saw his brother snapping out of it and shouting, “True…but you’re carrying my kid and demons are after you, which means you’re coming with us whether you like it or not!”

Of course, Audrey wouldn’t listen to reason –or to anything the blonde said!– and they both ended up having the mother of fights. Sam watched them arguing, yelling at each other, and their argument soon got so heated Sam thought they’d rip each other’s head off!

At some point, the couple seemed to calm down and Sam felt truly thankful for it. He saw her going to the kitchen for some water and everything went uncomfortably quiet for a moment. Sam shifted his eyes from the girl to his brother and whispered to him, “And you say you two don’t have strong feelings for each other? C’mon, Dean, people only fight like this when they care…when they’re in love.”

Naturally, he spoke in a low voice so that only the blonde could hear him since he didn’t want Audrey to get even more pissed! However, Dean didn’t seem to appreciate his thoughtfulness, on the contrary, Sam instantly felt his glare burning through his skull.

It was obvious to everyone in the room that Audrey wasn’t one bit interested in talking to Dean –not ever!– let alone taking off with him. And yet, Dean being Dean, wouldn’t leave it alone, and he walked straight towards her, and kept insisting they needed to get going asap because Ian was still out there. Obviously, she refused to listen to him and in no time all the yelling started again.

The blonde looked so mad, he seemed ready to start throwing punches! Not that Dean would hit her, hell, he’d never ever do that, but trashing the place looked like a pretty good way of letting off steam. Sam was more than ready to stop his brother from shredding the place to pieces and instead, he saw Dean going unusually quiet and sitting on the couch as she left and headed upstairs to her room.

Sam couldn’t believe his own eyes: Dean…controlling himself? No, no way, that couldn’t be happening…something else was going on. And the young Winchester turned out to be right because the second he heard Audrey closing her bedroom door, his brother announced, “That’s it. I’ve had enough. She’s coming with us whether she likes it or not.”

“What? What are you gonna do, Dean? Kidnap her?”

Sam looked at his brother and didn’t need to wait for an answer. The word ‘yes’ was written all over his face. He quickly noticed that the blonde was in full over-protective mode now –almost cave-man like.

“She’s coming with us. Period!” Dean stated before standing up and leaving.

Sam didn’t see Audrey around –at all– the rest of the day, and guessed she was up in her room –she certainly had a lot to process!– and as to Dean, well, he pretty much kept to himself. Sam hated the way things had turned out and realizing that Audrey was just as stubborn as Dean, it became evident to the youngest brother that it’d take quite some time before things got remotely better between them.

He knew there was nothing he could do right then so he decided to do some research instead and see if he could find something on the seals or…whatever! Seeing his brother pacing the bedroom was driving him insane and he needed to do something to keep his mind busy and off the love-birds. So, he took his laptop and went downstairs to the living room. He made himself comfortable on the couch, opened his laptop and began hitting on the keys at surprising speed, hoping to get his mind off it.

Luckily, it worked, and when he lifted his eyes away from the screen, he saw it was pitch black outside. His stomach started growling, not at all surprising since he hadn’t had anything to eat for hours –clearly, nobody had been in the mood for lunch or dinner! So, he stood up, stretched out his long limbs and headed towards the kitchen to grab a bite.

He was busy making himself a sandwich when he saw Dean coming down the stairs with Audrey in a fireman’s carry, the girl squirming and writhing desperately trying to break free. However, there was no way she’d ever succeed since she was blindfolded, gagged, and her wrists and ankles were tied up.

Sam was stunned, but it took him under a second to figure out what had happened. Audrey had systematically refused to go with them so Dean had followed the path of least resistance and waited till she’d fallen asleep to get her ready to go, so to speak.

From the way she was struggling, Sam guessed she’d fought back and that Dean had easily overpowered her –he was way bigger and stronger plus he had all his hunting training on his side!

Sam was in shock, but he still managed to say, “Dean! What the hell???!!! What are you doing???!!!”

“She’s coming and I can’t drug her because it’d hurt the baby, so this will have to do…Hey, you’re driving.”

The blonde then tossed his keys to Sam and pointed at the duffel bags by the door. The brunette was still astonished. When and how had his brother packed their stuff without him noticing? He guessed it wasn’t particularly relevant at the time, not with Ian at large and the kidnapping Dean was trying to pull off, so he stood up and obeyed.

Dean quickly carried her out of the house while Sam put their duffels in the trunk. He was heading towards the driver’s seat when his brother said, “I packed a bag for her too, left it in her bedroom.”

“Okay, be right back.”

Sam rushed inside the house and came back out a few minutes later carrying her bag, which he immediately put in the trunk before sitting behind the wheel and taking off. He looked at the rearview mirror and saw Dean sitting on the backseat with Audrey in his arms, holding her firmly in place with both arms, making sure she didn’t hurt herself accidentally. She was still struggling, trying very hard to break free, and Sam thought she’d give up soon. After all, she wouldn’t go anywhere unless Dean let her and it was pretty clear to the brunette that his brother had no intention whatsoever of doing so.

Sam was proved wrong soon enough, though. She kept squirming for a really long time until exhaustion finally took over and she fell asleep. He looked at her closely, her head resting on his shoulder, her body protectively caged in his arms as he rocked her gently and stroked her hair lovingly.

The young Winchester kept his eyes fixed on the two figures in the backseat and it became obvious to him that his brother was dying to kiss her. And he probably would have if it wasn’t for the gag!

Sam had never seen this tender, almost romantic side of Dean before and felt truly sorry for him. Evidently, Dean longed for love, for a family of his own, and he’d had to give that up too…it all thanks to being hunters.

Sam was somewhat lost and didn’t realize his brother had caught him staring until he noticed his green eyes fixed on him.

They were both just as uncomfortable, Dean for being caught daydreaming and Sam for catching him, and the brunette cleared his throat before asking, “Hey, what’s up with the blindfold?” trying hard to break the awkward silence that had built in the car.

“Don’t want her to know where we’re going yet,” was all the blonde said, looking out of the window.

“O-okay,” Sam replied hesitantly, fixing his eyes back on the road.

And, in honest truth, it made perfect sense. Bobby’s place was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and she wouldn’t be able to know where she was unless they told her…and it was way better if she didn’t, her chances of escaping much slimmer that way. Besides, Sam suspected she’d do anything to run away. So, why make it easier for her, right?

So, he drove non-stop, knowing that the sooner they got to Sioux Falls, the better off they’d all be.

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Fic: Free To Be 'Us' - chapter 3

Summary: Something goes wrong during a hunt and Sam gets cursed by a witch and turned into a girl. Sam has to go through a number of things from having his period to dealing with his new virgin status. Trouble is Sam makes a really hot chick and everyone seems to notice…including Dean!
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Genderswap
Genres: first time, humor, romance

Fic Index here: http://emeralds75.livejournal.com/12264.html

Chapter 3

The brothers did a lot of research trying to find out a way to undo the curse, spell, or whatever the hell it was. Dean drove back to Somerton to take one last look at the altar and maybe find something they’d missed. However, he wasn’t lucky: the place was deserted and it was clear nobody had been there since their encounter with the witches except the police.

Dean looked around and saw some yellow tape marking the crime scene along with some white tags showing where the witches’ dead bodies had been. He was glad the corpses were no longer there as he wasn’t particularly allured by the sight –or the smell– of rotting flesh. Besides, it was good that everyone in the coven was now dead because that meant no more men would be murdered, but it was bad too because what if they’d killed Sam’s only chance of turning back? Dean brushed off those thoughts immediately. Now was not the time for negative ideas. They were going to find answers, they were going to fix this mess.

Dean checked the place one last time and got out of the woods as fast as he could since he didn’t want to run into the police or some curious jerk. So, he took a few more pictures of the symbols on the altar with his phone and left.

When he got back to the motel, he found Sam sitting at the table, frantically surfing the web looking for answers. He recognized his brother in the expression on the girl’s face: eyebrows brought together and teeth chewing on lower lip, which could only mean Sam was focused on something and trying to figure it out. It was so Sammy except that this time, this girlSam, looked totally cute and adorable. Dean let his eyes study the girl before him, and they carefully and slowly went down her body.

The shirt was way too big and hid the curves that Dean guessed were there, but the legs were visible: shapely, strong limbs covered by smooth skin. Dean thought “I’d ‘so’ hit that” and immediately realized that this was his brother he was looking at, his baby brother, and mentally cursed.

Sam’s eyes left the screen and shifted towards Dean “So? Find anything?”

Dean shook his head and asked “You?”

“No,” the brunette replied, sounding frustrated.

“Maybe we should call Bobby?”

At first, Sam refused emphatically. Dean could see right through him and realized he was being stubborn out of sheer embarrassment so, after some coaxing and a number of arguments following the line of “Fine, then stay this way, Sam, you’ve always been a girl after all,” Sam reluctantly agreed.

Dean called Bobby immediately, not giving his brother any time to get cold feet, and gave him all the details. He secretly hoped that Bobby would be able to help. However, the old hunter had never heard of anything like that in his life and promised to look into it.

Several days had passed since Sam’s change and he hadn’t left their motel room, not even once, and he was becoming increasingly annoying. Dean didn’t blame him for feeling like a caged animal, and suggested going to the diner to grab a bite.

“Seriously, Dean? And what am I supposed to wear? In case you haven’t noticed my clothes are huge right now!”

Dean looked at Sam and got his point. His brother had a shirt on and a pair of socks, and nothing else, since the rest of his garments were far too big for him now, especially his shoes.

“You could wear some of mine” he offered softly and then went on to explain “they’re smaller, they should fit better.”

“Even so, Dean,” Sam answered resting his hands on his slender hips “I lost a lot of height and weight…I’m at least 6 inches shorter than you now…your clothes would still be too big.”

Dean saw his brother’s watery eyes and pent up frustration and knew he had to do something. “Okay, I’ll get you some new clothes then.”

“No way!” Sam yelled and then, trying to stay calm he added “It’s silly. I’ll change back pretty soon…it’d be a waste of money…money that we don’t have.”

Dean could tell that his brother was freaking out, again. Not that he blamed him, after all, buying girl clothes made this whole thing even more real and hinted the possibility that they might never fix it. Dean pushed those thoughts aside and seeing that Sam was breathing heavily and pacing the room, he decided to drop the subject.

Days went by and things were the same, Sam still refused to leave the room and Dean knew he had to do something…fast. So, the very next day he came back with lunch as usual and a plastic bag, which he dropped on Sam’s bed. His brother looked at him wondering what he was up to. They knew each other all too well and tricking the other was never an easy task.

Sam grabbed the bag and emptied its contents on the bed. The first thing he saw was a tiny black piece of fabric or so he thought until he examined it more closely. It turned out to be a tight short dress, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. Sam was wide-eyed and lost for words. He was just holding the dress before his eyes in total shock.

“There’s something else in the bag” Dean added sounding casual.

Sam looked inside the bag again and found a tiny black thong.

“C’mon, try it on!”

Sam was astonished and finally managed to say “Are you kidding me?”

“What? You said it yourself, none of your or my clothes fit so I got you a little something.”

“Yeah, I can see the little, I just wonder where the something is.”

“C’mon, Sammy, let’s see how that looks on you,” Dean said winking.

“You’re not expecting me to put any of this on, are you?”

“Sure, why not?”

“For starters, clothes are supposed to cover the body…and besides, everybody’s gonna think I’m a hooker if I wear that.”

“Hey, don’t criticize my taste in womenswear, Sam, plus it’d be way easier if we just went to a store so you can get whatever you want.”

Sam was about to make a retort but he couldn’t think of anything. Dean had bought the sluttiest clothes he’d found, clearly in an attempt to make Sam leave the room and get some truly needed fresh air. Sam hated it, but deep down he knew his brother was right, he couldn’t stay put in their room forever. So, Sam reluctantly agreed to go shopping.

“Fine, Dean, let’s go shopping…oh, God, I’m gonna have to buy girl clothes!”

“Don’t worry, Sammy, can’t be that bad…who knows? Maybe it turns out to be fun!”

“Fun for you, sleazy bastard, I’m sure you’re gonna be hitting on the every single girl at the store while I suffer my way through the underwear section.”

Sam couldn’t believe what he was saying. It was way beyond bizarre even for them. A smile immediately appeared on his face and soon he and his brother were both laughing, tension slowly disappearing, and felt grateful for it.

“Just give me a sec, I can’t go out on the street wearing this.”

Sam went through their duffel bags and examined the different items of clothing they owned. Finally, after a couple of minutes, he grabbed one of their ties and a blue shirt. He went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later. He was wearing the tie as a belt, and had done his best at arranging the shirt so that it looked like a dress. Then, he sat on the bed, put some rolled socks inside a pair of Dean’s shoes and put them on.

He stood up, brushed his hair off his face and took a look on the mirror trying to see if the outfit was passable. Unable to recognize his own reflection, Sam quickly looked away and said “Fine, let’s go.”

Dean had parked the car right outside their room so that Sam wouldn’t have to walk long and, above all, would have no time to freak out and run back inside.

They got in the Impala, and Dean drove straight to a discount store he’d seen that morning –where he’d bought the dress. They walked inside and both looked uncomfortable. Sam wanted to get over it as soon as possible so he walked straight to the racks, grabbed some jeans, tops, tees, hoodies, socks and anything that might come in handy. There was no way he was going to do this again! However, he didn’t find any of the colors he normally wore and felt comfortable with: olive green, brown, grey. Instead, he saw lots of frilly stuff and tons of pink. Pink, for Christ’s sake! There was no way he’d ever wear pink so he just settled for plain red, blue and black.

So far, he was doing fine, just fine, until he saw the underwear section. He stared at the dozen styles and sizes, and he was just…clueless. He’d gone shopping with Jess a couple of times, but he’d never worried about styles…or sizes. She’d just modeled things for him. Looking back, he wished he had paid more attention.

He hadn’t worried that much with the rest of the clothes, actually, he preferred anything loose, but he knew that he had to pick the right underwear size.

Dean, who’d been busy checking out the girls, noticed that Sam was standing in the underwear section frozen in fear and looking completely lost.

“What’s up, Sammy?”

“It’s, Sam, Dean.”

“Fine, Sam, what is it?”

“Erm…nothing…just…there’s lots of kinds and…sizes”

Dean wanted to mock his brother but knew that this wasn’t the right time. He’d do that later, once he’d turned back. So, he approached him and asked “Yeah, so what size do you think you are?”

“Erm, I don’t know, Dean, how am I supposed to know that?”

“Well, I could help you figure it out if you like” he replied lifting his hands as if about to cup Sam’s breasts.

“Dean!” Sam screamed outraged “Like I’m gonna let you feel me up! Dude, are you insane?”

Dean laughed at Sam’s outburst though the idea of putting his hands over his brother’s recently acquired breasts didn’t sound bad, at all, especially the way those perky breasts looked. Okay, now where had that come from? Dean quickly dismissed the idea and explained “just grab different things and see which ones fit better.”

That sounded logical and Sam agreed. He picked a couple of bras and panties and they both headed to the dressing rooms. Sam went in and closed the door behind him before removing his shirt and tie. There were large mirrors on all three walls around him, but he refused to look…he didn’t dare seeing his new body so he kept his head down, eyes fixed on the floor.

Sam got hold of the panties and put them on. They weren’t thongs or anything like that, just regular bikini panties and he felt blissfully happy when he realized they fitted just right, and nicely surprised too because they were kinda comfy…no wonder Jess usually opted for them.

Feeling better with himself he decided to move on and put on the jeans. They felt a little bit tight for his taste but they weren’t that bad so they were a keeper.

He now faced the worst part: bras. They weren’t something alien to him, he knew pretty well how to unclasp them with a single hand and remove them in no time, but putting the damn thing on was a whole different story.

He took a deep breath, just like when he was about to fight some creepy supernatural being, and picked one up. The moment he drew the cups closer to his breasts, he saw it was too big. He discarded it and tried on the second bra he had with him, which turned out to be too small. Finally, he grabbed the third –and last– bra and thank goodness it was the right size.

Sam put his arms into the strap loops and pulled the strap over his shoulders, then he held both ends of the bra tightly and pulled them around towards his back. The garment definitely fit and Sam felt somewhat relieved until he tried to hook the bra. He twisted his arms and back trying to hook the damn thing and failed miserably wondering how on earth women managed to put bras on effortlessly. “Must be some sort of secret passed down from mother to daughter” he thought as he struggled with the evil garment.

Dean noticed his brother was taking too long “Sam, you okay in there?”


He clearly wasn’t, and it came across in his voice. So, his brother asked again “You sure?”

Sam remained silent too embarrassed to admit he was just having trouble putting on a bra and completely aware of how wrong that would sound out loud. However, his brother seemed to guess what was going on because he leaned against the door and whispered “hey, need some help?” There was no mockery in his voice, it was an honest offer.

Sam hesitated a little, but seeing that he couldn’t deal with this on his own, he finally whispered back “yeah, I could use a little help here.”

Dean looked around and once he was sure nobody was watching, he quickly joined Sam in the dressing room.

Sam was covering his upper body with a hoodie and looked so red in the face Dean thought he had a fever or something.

“Okay, Sammy, how can I help?”

Sam was chewing on his lower lip and nervous as hell, and managed to explain the problem as calmly as he could.

“Oh,” Dean said thinking “little brother having trouble putting a bra on…never saw that one coming…not in a million years” and he quickly said “okay, just turn around and I’ll hook it for you,” doing his best to sound casual and confident. They’d dealt with tough things before, putting on a bra was no big deal, right?

Sam complied and Dean clasped the bra in a second.

Trouble was, however, that with all the squirming and struggling, the bra wasn’t cupping Sam’s breasts properly anymore and Sam had to adjust it. He tried to do it with one hand while he held the hoodie with the other covering his front, but it turned out to be an impossible task and Sam couldn’t help dropping the hoodie.

Dean couldn’t believe his eyes, he was standing behind Sam, real close to him, watching this girl touching her round perky breasts and he immediately felt a twitch in his pants.

Sam saw his brother’s eyes fixed on his full breasts and yelled “Dean! Stop staring and get the hell outta here!” blushing a vivid red.

“Yeah, sorry!” he replied smiling apologetically and immediately leaving Sam alone in the dressing room.

Once the bra was properly put in place, Sam put on a blue v-neck top that showed just a little cleavage –but more than Sam wanted– and stepped outside the dressing room.

Dean was standing there with some socks and boots –no heels, of course. He’d seen a pair of stiletto boots earlier and had felt tempted to get them for Sam. He’d even imagined this brand new Sammy in those sexy thigh-high black leather boots with that short black dress he’d gotten for her –him?– in the morning, that soft wavy mane down and maybe some of that shiny lipstick girls always wore…he bet she’d look damn hot!

His eyes were half-lidded and he had a goofy grin on his lips and on top of that, he was sighing…sighing for Heaven’s sakes! Of course, as soon as he became aware of the fact that he was actually fantasizing about his brother, he pushed those ideas to the farthest corner of his brain and promised he’d stop thinking about Sammy that way…curvy, sweet-smelling Sammy. Okay, clearly it wasn’t going to be that easy!

Sam took the boots and thanked him. He’d been so concerned, and embarrassed, with the whole underwear thing that he’d completely forgotten about shoes and was glad his brother had taken care of it. Luckily, the boots fit his now much smaller feet just fine and were actually comfortable.

When he was done putting the boots on, Dean handed over some more clothes to him: a jacket and more underwear –the right size. His brother didn’t make any funny remarks or mock him in any way and Sam couldn’t thank him enough for that. He knew that eventually Dean would mock him for his girl status endlessly, but at least he was saving it for later, once things were back to normal.

“Dean, don’t you think all this stuff is too much?”

“Nah, ‘sides, Mr. Carl Jones is paying for it,” he answered flashing a fake credit card.

They made their way to the counter, paid for the clothes, and left the shop. Sam was putting the bags in the backseat of the Impala when he caught Dean staring at a coffee shop across the street. Sam was still a little mad at his brother for ogling him in the dressing room, but then he wasn’t really ogling him, it was this girl’s body, and Dean being Dean, hadn’t come as a surprise. Besides, he could never stay mad at his brother for long.

He knew Dean was doing his best and really helping him out –and not freaking out like he was! So, he closed the door and said smiling “Hey, how ‘bout some coffee and pie?”

Dean flashed a grin from ear to ear and answered “You know I never say no to pie, Sammy!”

“Yeah, I know, Dean.”

Sam walked in the coffee shop first and Dean’s eyes went straight to her butt out of their own volition. The jeans cupped her cheeks nicely and revealed a round firm ass, not too big, not too small, just perfect. Dean felt the urge to place both hands on that ass and give it his undivided attention but he immediately reminded himself that this was Sam, true in a girl’s body, but still Sam. So, he forced his eyes up and followed his brother inside the shop.

Sam sat at a table while his brother went to get them some coffee. Dean immediately saw the kid behind the counter staring at Sam with lecherous eyes and he was about to yell at him for ogling his recently-turned-into-his-sister brother when the kid said “Dude, your girlfriend’s hot!” Dean turned around and looked at Sam before replying “Yeah…two coffees and apple pie, and throw in some ice-cream.”

Dean paid for the food and took the tray to their table. He watched Sam happily eating the vanilla ice-cream and perfectly understood what the kid had seen: sweet, lovely face…and that amazing curvy body. The kid was right: Sam made a really hot chick! And Dean finally realized he’d have to be a freaking saint around his sister…and thought “Damn, I’m so screwed!”

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